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How to Treat Burns in Children Children

How to Treat Burns in Children Children

How to Treat Burns in Children Children - Handling of burns in toddlers depends on the severity and causes of the wound. If your baby gets a serious burn on the face, both hands, and joints, immediately take him to the hospital for further medical treatment. If the baby's liver has a minor wound, for example because it touches the oven, iron, or hot water, the father can take care of him at home.

According to a doctor from FKU-RSCM, dr. Parintosa Atmodiwirjo, as quoted, the initial handling of burns is crucial to the next healing process. Mother's father must understand how to handle the little one if you have burns at home. Here are some tips on first handling of burns.

How to Treat Burns in Children Children

How to deal with minor burns

Cool the affected parts of the body burns with water. Flush using running water to lower the temperature of the burned part of the body, if there is no water, the mother's father can use cold liquids such as milk. Smearing burns with toothpaste, butter, soy sauce, or kerosene, as well as the myths that flourish in society is a misnomer.

If the wound causes blisters, do not break the blisters. Apply a special cream or ointment or cream.

How to handle serious burns

  1. As with mild burns, the first step to relieve heat is to use cold water. Flush the burned area for 10-20 minutes. Water used to cool must be running water, not soaking it. Avoid using ice water in young children because of the potential to cause hypothermia.
  2. If burns occur in clothing-covered areas, try to remove the baby's clothes. If you can not, for example because clothing attached to burns, do not be forced. Cut out the clothing section and let it stick. Also remove jewelry and anything that inhibits the movement of the burn area.
  3.  Cover the burn area with a lint-free cloth to avoid infection before being taken to the doctor. Mother's dad can use a clean sheet or pillowcase to cover the baby's burn. If the burn is in the hands, the mother can use a plastic bag to protect the wound.
  4. Keep the awareness of the little one, do not give them food and drink and watch the level kesadaranya. If your child is unconscious, open the respiratory tract then loosen all the clothes around the neck and waist. Immediately bring your baby to the hospital.

Burns in the mouth and throat area

Types of burns in the mouth and throat can occur if the baby accidentally swallows hard chemical fluids, such as floor cleaning fluid, or hard water. If your child has the incident, immediately take them to the hospital. This type of burn is very serious because it can cause swelling and inflammation in the esophagus. The risks that accompany this type of wound are difficulty breathing and choking.
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